How would you react if you were faced with insurmountable odds in a life-or-death situation? A sudden tragedy, a disabling injury or the premature death of a spouse or child? Would you be courageous? Bold? Heroic? Noble? Would you risk your life or lay it down for others? We all like to think we’d do the right thing. But there’s always that nagging doubt, right?

The "Greatest Words You've Never Heard" are powerful and poignant words of people throughout time who have faced traumatic defining moments and triumphed — even if they died in the effort.

These are the life stories of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Lost in the vacuum of anonymity and time, these are stories of heart and heroism, love and loss, wonder and wisdom, hope and inspiration. In an age of too many words with very little meaning, this book breathes new life into lost tales from the heart that yearn to be shared again.

How will these stories impact you?

Read and discover.

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