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How to Defeat Your Inner Deadbeat?

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In every person’s life, there is a still, small voice that tries to guide you to a wonderful calling − a destiny. Your destiny. A calling that you, and only you, were put on this earth to fulfill. Near silent, this voice is powerful enough to lift thoughts, dreams and visions to a higher ground. Do you still hear it?

To Know Success Know No

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Too short. Too fat. Too dumb. No Imagination. No creativity. No skills. Face for radio. Voice for print. Too macho. Too Wimpy. Too lady-like. Too butch. Too bald. Too much fuzzy hair. Wrong color. Wrong race. Wrong sex. Out of his depth in a parking lot puddle. Neanderthal brain in a Cro-Magnon body. And … just who in the “H–E-doubLe-hockey-sticks” do you think you are?

How to Create and Finish Anything

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Do the Work is a shut up and do-it guide. It treads some of the same turf as the “War of Art.” It fights the intractable, implacable, insidious foe of mankind –Resistance. But it’s also an indispensable guide to winning at business or life.

Thinking is Hard Work

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Is there a magic formula that can enable you to put your feet up in a chair, daydream and think of ideas that can change everything for you? In business and life? Yes, it’s “4 I’s > C2.” Features interview with Joey Reiman, author of “Thinking for a Living.”

An Inconvenient Genius

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How often has one person affected humanity to such a degree that were the fruits of his labor withdrawn immediately from our day-to-day existence, the world as we know it … would essentially stop?

Riding the Alligator

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To win at the complex sale, one must be a storyteller, strategist, master tactician, cajoler, evaluator, philosopher, psychologist, bean counter and often, magician. But what about a really complex sale? Like selling your story to Hollywood and getting it made into a film? Find out with Pen Densham whose films include; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Backdraft, Moll Flanders, Rocky II and Houdini. The films and television series Pen Densham and his partner have produced have grossed over $1 billion.

Steve Kayser

Case Study: Lessons and Blessings – Overcoming Adversity

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To win at business or life, adversity has to be encountered, faced, fought and defeated. There is no other way. No options. You either beat it, or it beats you. Win, or you lose. Simple. Right? No. Never. It’s never black and white. Never win or lose. Something always bleeds over. Always. Sometimes good – sometimes bad. Sometimes funny – sometimes sad. Most times a little of both.

This is one such story.

Don’t Stop This Press!

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Throughout your life, you run across people that positively change your thoughts, perceptions and ideas about business and life. I’ve been blessed with the great opportunity to interview and collaborate with some of the best writers and business leaders in the world. From each, I’ve absorbed and learned life lessons.

Skip Press is one of those people.

3 Positive Ways to Deal with the Negative World

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Recent world events that have brought such overwhelming tragedy and negativity can make us spiral downward, creating despairing attitudes and dismal spirits. These affect our work. We’re less productive. We miss our sales goals. We wander away from family and friends. How do we get back on track? Find. Focus. Finish.

Heartbeats of Healing: A Celebration of People, Process and Technology

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“We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.” – H.G. Wells.

Queasy easy? Stop here.

This is a true story. It’s graphic. Reality is rough. Truth is tough. So if you get queasy easy, stop here.

This story describes a complex melding of, and interplay between, some spectacular people, processes and technologies that combine to create a real-life, dynamic human organism. An organism that breathes, reacts, corrects, heals and cures. And, it’s powered by the …