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The Power of Resistance: Lessons Learned from Bestselling Author Steven Pressfield

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I’ve had the good fortune to interview and work with many great storytellers over the last few years.  J.D. Meier, program manager for Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices team, and author of the “Sources of Insight”blog, asked me what the most important lessons I’d learned from the high-profile “working” writers and storytellers … the ones who actually make a living doing it.

Portraits of the Fallen: Compassion on Canvas

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Kaziah Hancock paints portraits of fallen soldiers free of charge for their families as part of Project Compassion. A modern-day heroine, Kaziah’s paintings soothe the wounded hearts of American families who have lost to war – their children. Those wounds, although soothed, never heal. What a wonderful, selfless woman. LOOK and SEE true compassion …