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Smart Creatives: The Tao, not the “How,” of Google’s Success

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With virtually all the world’s information accessible online, mobility devices and cloud computing, which can put the power of a supercomputer in anyone’s pocket, business-building power has shifted from top down management companies to individuals and small teams within a company. When you give the Smart Creatives all the latest technology tools and give them “freedom” – they can blow you away with new ideas, innovations, and products in an amazingly quick amount of time.

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand … Like me

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Shout-out and thanks to Dr. Rick Kirschner for this wonderful review of “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard.” “One of the most profoundly motivational books I’ve seen in years! These stories will help you succeed in business, raise your kids, be a better person and friend and leave a legacy. They are playful, painful and […]