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The Heroes Journey for Sales … Sorta

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Can you tell your story – or the story of your business? Tell it so it moves someone – moves them to action? Tell your story so it treads well-worn neural pathways achingly familiar to the human mind and spirit? Time-tested pathways … open, and indeed looking for, great stories? Stories populated with saints, sinners, sorry sad sacks, winners – all, at the core – fighting for their space and place in time?

Featured Interview: Titanic, Forrest Gump, Roger Rabbit, Twister, Now …

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Who is this guy? He worked on framing “Roger Rabbit,” helped sink the “Titanic,” summoned the tornadoes in “Twister” and … put the visual chill in “Polar Express.” Also, along the way he’s worked on some of the highest revenue-producing movies in history, including; “Deep Impact,” “Back to the Future parts II and III,” “The Mummy,” “K-19: The Widowmaker.” and “Forest Gump, ” among many others.

How to Create a World Wide Rave … or NOT

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How do you get your ideas, stories, products or services to spread like wildfire over the web by millions of people? Are the huge success stories you hear about the viral power of the web just flukes – or can anyone do it? Read on to learn the six rules of a “WORLD WIDE RAVE,” the newest book by David Meerman Scott, number-one bestselling author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” The first 50 people to correctly answer the simple, yet existential question at the end of this article will win a copy of the WORLD WIDE RAVE.

A REAL Business REALITY CHECK with Bestselling Author Guy Kawasaki

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What do a billionaire shoeshiner, Bo Diddley, bad PowerPoint, worse e-mail, sabertooth tigers, the Dalia Lama, Starbucks, Donkey O’Tee, a miraculous feline resurrection, bloggers with nothing to say, why Twitter is wrong, and the only real-world reference guide to entrepreneurship and business you’ll ever need have in common? Read on to find out. The first 25 people to respond to me by e-mail with the super-secret codeword (hidden and embedded in the story) will EARN (win) a copy of “REALITY CHECK” by Guy Kawasaki.