I Am Sam I Am: Meet the Intrigue Expert, Ms. Sam Horn

I Am Sam I Am: Meet the Intrigue Expert, Ms. Sam Horn

Delivering on the promise made in the article “You Wrote a Book?“, about meeting some amazing people I’ve had the great opportunity to work, interview or write with over the years that were instructive and inspirational in bringing “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard” book to print – here’s the first. An intriguing and successful woman that you need to know if you’re in business of any kind and struggling with getting your message or value across.


Sam Horn is the owner of ‘The Intrigue Agency” and a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker, communications strategist, and executive coach who has trained the world’s top entrepreneurs (e.g. EO, YPO, TLC) and executives (e.g. Intel, Cisco, Boeing) how to communicate more clearly, compellingly and convincingly.  She has presented in person to over 500,000 people in various venues.


Sam’s pioneering “POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd” book, endorsed by Seth Godin, Ken Blanchard, Mark Sanborn and marketing guru Jeffrey Gitomer (who calls it ”a rocket ship to your success”) introduces an a step-by-step system for creating first-of-their-kind titles, taglines, pitches, brand messages, positioning and marketing copy that get  products and services noticed, remembered and bought.


Sam even tried to train me once. And it failed miserably. Probably the only failure Sam has had in her life.  But she creatively harvested gold out of it by creating the incredible SLAP award.  More on that later in this article.


A warm and hearty thank you to Ms. Sam Horn for her review of the book “The Greatest Words Never Heard.”

“What a raw, powerful book.  Thank you, Steve, for having the courage to show us that we serve when we dare to share challenging, heart-wrenching experiences.  Anyone going through a dark night of the soul will find this book inspiring.”


I have interviewed Ms. Sam on radio and for a business publication. It was a hoot. I quite possibly am the only person that has made this terrific thinker, speaker and author speechless.  It was this article (below) that stumpfied her with my smellfungus mooncalfery. But, Sam’s wisdom shines through. Read this article and learn”How to Stand Out in Any Crowd.”


You, your product, your service, your company, is good … maybe great. It’s different, unique, totally rad, awesomeroo and bloggerific. It even (occasionally) delivers real business value; makes an authentic difference in business or life.

But … no one has heard of you.  You’re one of a kind. You know it. You can prove it. But still, you’re one of a kind that no one knows. No one has ever heard of you. You haven’t even heard of you.

You Haven’t Even Heard of You!

Not for lack of effort though. You’ve tried to communicate your brilliance, your stupefying, heart-stopping differentiators, your value-laden proposition power pack, but your message gets sucked down the black hole of no return. The dreaded ….

Inbox Out of Control

By “inbox” I’m referring to your mental inbox as well as work inbox.


You can’t seem to break through … to stand out in this infoglut world 2.0 where the speed of light has finally been surpassed (though Einstein said it wasn’t possible, he was never bombarded with electronic corporate gobbledygook) by the cumulative effect of spam scud missiles, instant messages, BlackBerrys, mobile apps, blogging, etc.

Even though you know why you’re different − why you’re special − you can’t capture someone’s attention unless you communicate it so brilliantly it shines and stands out. Everyone gets it instantly. But standing out is getting harder … and easier every day.

Harder because the sheer volume of marketing messages an average person sees a day is almost beyond measure. It used to be that the average American was subjected to 3,000 marketing messages a day − 3,000 marketing messages a day!

Wow. Those were the good old days.


These days, you see that many before noon. How is it getting easier then?


Harharharhar. Just kidding. I lied. Just threw that in to obfuscate. It’s not getting easier. Sorry. And it won’t get easier. But, with the proper approach, you can reach your goals and …

Capture Customers?

Are there strategies and tactics that can help you break through and stand out? To capture customers’ and prospects’ attention, hearts, minds and …. (ahem) money?

“Money, which represents the prose of life, and which is hardly spoken of in parlors without an apology, is, in its effects and laws, as beautiful as roses.”

–  Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ll find out from professional speaker and author of “POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd,” Sam Horn. Sam’s books have been endorsed by such luminaries as Stephen R. Covey , Jack Canfield, and Anthony Robbins. But none communicates the essence of the book with such eloquent intellectual simplicity as the testimonial below.

As a person who once used a sparking Barbie doll to set fire to a pair of underpants on national television, I can vouch for the importance of standing out from a crowd.  As a friend of Sam Horn’s, I can also vouch for the excellent advice she offers in POP!”  – Pulitzer-Prize winning humorist Dave Barry


Donkey quit. My Donkey quit.  Just like that – POP – several years of collaborating and co-writing went up in smoke. No more “Shoot the Donkey” stories. Success had gone to his


donkey head. (I won’t comment on the lipstick … but I have heard rumors.) After a series of successful articles that included:  “Shooting the Donkey in the Complex Sales Process … Hollywood Style,” “Veni, Vidi, Tiré a dos burros,” “I Came. I Saw. I Shot Two Donkeys,” and “My Darling, Is That Manure Stick You Have on?, Donkey decided he could make it on his own.

A Donkey in His Own Write

He wanted to be his own donkey and write his own book. That’s right, his own book. He didn’t tell me about this until he was almost done.

donkeywriting-fullI took it in stride.


But then decided I wanted (needed) to try to save our relationship. We went to counseling. But every time I brought up “Shoot the Donkey” …

donkey-bitingIt was just too painful.  Counseling  didn’t work.

When I realized he was determined to quit no matter what, and move on with his donkey life, I decided to do the right thing. Try to help him (later I needed some help myself). Donkey’s book was almost done. It was a compilation of lessons he’d learned from humans. I offered him my help in marketing the book, but Donkey said he didn’t need it. I’d done enough already.

Ready to Break Through, Stand Out, and Go to Market!

My Donkey already had the plan and his book title,


When he showed me the draft, I really didn’t know what to say without hurting his feelings. Except that as much as he’s been around corporate business-speak, he ought to know that if the book was successful, someone would turn the title into an acronym, and well … that might turn out a bit crappy. Donkey discounted that and quickly pointed out that his full name was prominently featured on the cover (unlike his collaborative efforts with me where we was known only by his first name … Donkey). And why was this important? Well, according to Donkey O’Tee, all great, memorable names and slogans incorporated the person’s or company’s name.


Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener, that is what I truly wish to be. ‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener, everyone would be in love with me.”

He was going to use a similar strategy – though he quite hadn’t figured it out yet − to market his book.


Oh, I wish I were a Donkey O’Tee wiener, that is what I truly wish to be … be … be.

I asked him if he knew what happened to weiners (hot dogs)?


Donkey was horrified. He quickly moved on to his next example, from the insurance industry. He asked me if I knew …

“You’re in Good Hands with …”

”Allstate, of course,” I answered. But, I didn’t think that would work for him either.


Didn’t ring, resonate or POP! Not to mention the hoofs vs. hands issue.

“But what,” I asked,” is your book really about?”

“You don’t know? You can’t tell by the title? It’s the “Idiot’s Guide to Business Survival.” It’s my elevator spiel. I mean you humans excel at making the simple complex, the complex unknowable, and the unknowable entertainingly hilarious! And, you do it was such pompous profligate proliferating panache that to succeed in business today, even to keep your job, you need to know how to excel at …

“Pompously Obfuscating on Purpose?”

Yes! You see … a bestseller in the making!” said Donkey O’Tee. “Go to any business website, read any business report, letter, brochure, advertisement or marketing message … it’s totally obvious. To survive in the human’s business world today, you have to be able to …

“Pompously Obfuscate on Purpose.” I echoed with dismal dismay.

“Less is not more! Less is out of a job. More is less. More is needed all of the time. More of more and less of less, more or less!” brayed Donkey O’Tee hilariously. “And … I‘m going to get all kinds of media coverage, you know why?


“You heard that song by the famous female songwriter Bonnie Braitt?”

“You mean Bonnie Raitt?

“No, You having trouble hearing? Bonnie Braitt.”

“What song?”


“I’m going to give them something to bray about!”

For once, I was speechless. Though Donkey had made some excellent points, I still felt duty-bound, nonetheless, to seek out some expert advice on his behalf. For Donkey O’Tee to succeed, he had to stand out (and not just in a field) to capture national and international media attention.

ENTER: I Am Sam Horn I Am

Sam is a professional speaker and author of “POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd.” Sam is also the author of several well-reviewed books from major publishers including “Tongue Fu!®,” “ConZentrate,” “What’s Holding You Back?,” and “Take the Bully by the Horns.” These have been sold around the world (China, Japan, Argentina, France, and Germany); favorably reviewed in dozens of publications including Publishers Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Investors Business Daily, Foreign Service Journal, and Readers Digest, and endorsed by many best-selling authors including Stephen R. Covey, Anthony Robbins, Jeffrey Fox, Susan Jeffers, Dave Pelzer, Susan Forward, Rabbi Harold Kushner, Richard Carlson, and John Gray.

Steve: Welcome. I have this friend. He’s writing a book and needs to learn, well …

Sam: To … learn how to break out instead of blend in?

Steve: You’ve got it. What is POP!, and why is it important?

Sam: POP! is a system of 25 techniques I’ve developed that can help ANYONE create attention-grabbing titles, taglines, and tell ‘n sell descriptions for their company, cause, campaign, and creation. It’ll let them break out instead of blend in.

POP! is crucial to success because people today are BB.

Steve: BB?

Sam: They’re BUSY. They have hundreds of things competing for their attention. They’re BORED. They’ve heard and seen it all – or at least, they think they have.

“My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s.” – Oscar Wilde

What that means is, we have 30 seconds to get their favorable attention. If what we have to say and sell is not Purposeful, Original, or Pithy, they’re on to the next thing.


Purposeful. Original. Pithy.  In 30 seconds or less.

Steve: In 30 seconds or less?

Sam: Make a long elevator speech short by Cliff Noting it into one sentence. The more you try to explain what you do or what you have to offer, the more confused people will become.

“My grandfather invented Cliff Notes. It was, well, … to make a long story short.”

– Steven Wright

Instead of going on at length, compare your job or offering to something with which people are familiar and fond. For example, I was in Denver, CO with my sons for a speaking engagement. We had the night free, so I asked our hotel concierge to suggest a fun place we could go.

He said, “You’ve got to go to D & B’s.” We were from Maui at the time and had no idea what he was referring to. We asked, “What’s D & B’s?” He said, “It’s a Chuck E. Cheese for adults.” Voila. We knew exactly what it was and wanted to go there because of his perfect “Cliff Notes” description.

Steve: I get it. (See how purposeful, original, and pithy my responses are?)

“Operator! Give me the number for 911!” – Homer Simpson

Sam: In the book, this is called “The Valley Girl Technique.” It provides specific ways to compare what you do to a popular movie, song, book, or person to create a tell’ n sell elevator intro that gets your project’s foot in people’s mental door.

Steve: How do you come up with a memorable name or slogan? (I didn’t tell her about “Pompously Obfuscate on Purpose” yet because, though memorable it may be, it’s in an infamy kind-a-way.)

Sam: One of the best ways to make your name or slogan memorable is to use alliteration. Alliteration is when words start with the same sound. It makes your language lyrical, makes you instantly eloquent, and gives peoples’ minds a hook on which to hang a memory.

Say these words out loud.

Bed, Shower, and Toilet

Boom radio

Dirt Satan

Good Purchase

Dunkin Croissants

Rolls Jaguar

Steve: Now I’m hungry, sleepy, jiggy, and have to go …

Sam: They don’t POP! do they? They sound commonplace, and they’d be difficult to remember.

Now say these words out loud.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Boom Box

Dirt Devil

Best Buy

Dunkin Donuts

Rolls Royce

Hmm … they fit together, don’t they? Alliteration produces “ear music,” which has a nice ring and resonance, which means your brand name will linger longer in peoples’ minds.

Alliterate. Produce “ear music” with a nice ring and resonance and … your brand name will linger longer in peoples’ minds.

Steve: To stand out, you almost have to be one of a kind, or at least be perceived that way. What’s one of the best ways individuals and organizations can become one of a kind instead of one of many?

Sam: The best way to become one of a kind is to coin a word for your business, brand, or book that belongs to you and you alone. One way to do that is to use one of the 25 POP! techniques called Alphabetizing.  Write down ten words you frequently use to pitch your project, product, or program. Those are your “Core Words.” Now, run each of those words through the alphabet, changing the sound of the first syllable to match the corresponding letter. I used this technique to create the trademarked term of Tongue Fu! – the verbal form of Kung Fu!

Tongue-Fu: Martial Arts for the Mind and Mouth

Tongue Fu! is martial arts for the mind and mouth. If you run Tongue Fu! through the alphabet, you come up with even more variations.

Fun Fu! is how to handle hassles with humor instead of harsh words.

Run Fu! is for when Tongue Fu! doesn’t work.

Tongue Glue is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

Tongue Sue! is for lawyers.

Young Fu! is for kids.

These proprietary phrases could become articles, chapters in a book, or presentations for targeted audiences.

See how this works? Instead of competing with everyone else, your one-of-a-kind term turns you into the go-to resource because YOU are the sole provider of that particular item.

Steve: What’s one POP! technique anyone can use to help their ideas and offerings break out instead of blend in?

Create a Half and Half Word

Sam: Use what I call a Half and Half Word to go to the head of the class and become THE topic expert on your product or profession.

That’s what Dr. Francine Kaufman did by naming a cultural phenomenon that was taking place in the medical world. She noticed that more and more children were coming into her office diagnosed with diabetes. The link between diabetes and obesity had been known for years, however, no one had linked them in language until she did by coining the term Diabesity. By creating a one-word name for this condition, she got an impressive book deal and quickly became THE topic expert that media called first for interviews.

You can create your own Half and Half Word by getting a fresh piece of paper and drawing a vertical line down the center, dividing the paper into two columns. Now, start describing the different aspects of your cause, company, creation, or campaign − putting half the words on the left and half the words on the right.

For example, if you were opening a fusion restaurant that combined a mix of ethnic foods, you could write common words from one culture on the left and popular phrases from the other culture on the right. Now, take the first half of a word on the left and match it with the last half of the words on the right. Then take the first half of the next word on the left and match it with the last half of the words on the right, and so on. Keep playing with different combinations until you come up with one that POP!s – ala Ciao Mein, the perfect name for an Italian-Chinese bistro.

Steve: Got it. Piece of cake.

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” – Robert McCloskey

Steve: What are a couple of laugh-out-loud examples of products that POP!d off the shelf because of their catchy name?

Sam: Here are a couple of my favorite examples of products that POP!d out of the pack because of their catchy names.

Diddle Daddle Piddle Paddle With a Saddle. 

A father liked to get down on all fours and give his toddler a “horsy-back ride” around the living room, but his son kept falling off. So, he invented a human saddle he could cinch around his waist that had a safety belt so his son could ride to his heart’s content.

What to call this? Run “saddle” through the Alphabet and what do you come up with? That’s right. DADDLE.

Smitten by Smittens

A couple liked to go for a walk after dinner, but they lived in the Northeast and would freeze their fingers when it snowed. They created a co-joined mitten they could both put their hands in so they could keep their hands warm on their wintry walks. Their clever name? SMITTENS.

You may be thinking, “So what? Do catchy names really drive sales?”

You bet it does.

Those clever products were featured in humor columnist Dave Barry’s annual December columns which feature interesting products that have been brought to his attention by his many fans. His column is syndicated in hundreds of newspapers around the country, which means MILLIONS of people now know about Daddle and Smittens.

Steve: Last question. (I pulled a draft of Donkey O’Tee’s book out to show her.) I’m going to run the title of my friend’s book by you. Could you give me your immediate response? If it POPS! or not?

Anyone who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood.” – H. L. Mencken

Sam: Sure.


Steve: Pompously Obfuscate on Purpose.

“This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

– Dorothy Parker

Silence. Pretty deep silence. Complete silence one might say.

“From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.” – Groucho Marx

Steve: It has purpose. It’s original. It’s sorta pithy.

Sam: Ahem. It’s not quite the POP I’m talking about. More like how NOT to stand out in any crowd.

Steve’s face droops, deleteriously depressed for donkey.

Sam: However. It is something I’m writing about in my next book.

Steve’s face perks up. Visionaries – Donkey and he.

Sam: SLAP!

Steve: SLAP?



About Sam Horn

Sam is a respected author of well-reviewed books from major publishers including “Tongue Fu!®,” “ConZentrate,” “What’s Holding You Back?,” and “Take the Bully by the Horns,” all from St. Martins Press. These have been sold around the world (China, Japan, Argentina, France, and Germany); favorably reviewed in dozens of publications including Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Investors Business Daily, Foreign Service Journal, Dallas Morning News, and Readers Digest, and endorsed by many bestselling authors including Stephen R. Covey, Anthony Robbins, Jeffrey Fox, Susan Jeffers, Dave Pelzer, Susan Forward, Rabbi Harold Kushner, Richard Carlson, and John Gray.

Sam is a frequent media guest who has been interviewed on every major network (NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX) and on dozens of radio shows including National Public Radio and Dr. Laura. Her work has even been featured on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” and “To Tell The Truth,” where she and her Tongue Fu!® team stumped the panel.


Sam Horn, Author/Speaker/Consultant
Office E-mail info@samhorn.com
E-mail Sam Horn at sam@samhorn.com

 About Steve:

Do you need to know anymore after that? really? Thankfully Sam Horn pulled it out for me. Steve eventually quit writing with the Donkey – they only speak at a local bar called “The Whiner Diner.” Though losing Donkey O’Tee as a writing partner cost him financially Steve has regained most of that income by modelings Kilts in his spare-time (he does not claim it to be a high-paying job).

Steve Kayser in a KIlt

Hints from Heaven?

Hints from Heaven?

Sometimes the greatest words you’ve never heard might be Hints from Heaven.

What are they?

Hints, strange events and traces of meta-meaning unspoken; first sensed then connected—like dots. It’s similar to deciphering a code or unveiling a message written in invisible ink. Once the message appears, it’s followed quickly by an over-arching sense of awe, confusion and for most, disbelief.


Hints from Heaven

Messages and miracles don’t happen these days, right?

I was trying to write a difficult story when I ran into a perplexing problem—a total roadblock. How do you simplify a complex story—one that involves quantum physics, cancer, dying, depression, hope against all odds and the ephemeral topic of miracles?

The story was about a terminally ill cancer patient, a licensed clinical neuropsychologist and international bestselling author that you will meet later in my book, The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard: True Stories of Triumph.” He was a doctor—one that believed in miracles as well as the ability to look for, identify and make miracles for yourself and others.


Part of the story delved into the concept of synchronicity—finding meaning in causally unrelated (“acausal”) coincidences and events—events that greatly stretch the probabilities of chance and even belief sometimes. The doctor in the story believed that the concept of synchronicity helped him understand and survive his “terminal” disease. The trick, he believed, was to become aware of these events and coincidences in his life and seek meaning in them.

Some synchronistic events create puzzling paradoxes that seem to be beyond our understanding of reality. They conflict with the fundamental principles of our reason, but nonetheless, they happen.

Puzzling Paradox

Synchronicity was a term coined by Dr. Carl Jung to describe these types of happenings. During his many years of research and medical practice, he documented multiple cases that could not be explained by mere probabilities of chance. Dr. Jung came to believe that if you pay attention to these events, they could add meaning to your life. They might even help and guide you in a time of personal distress.

All of this was out of my league. Way out. But I was open to at least thinking about the possibility of synchronicity. The problem was how to explain it in clear, simple language and at the same time, incorporate the quantum physics, non-locality and observer participancy elements that were also part of the story, then weave them so that the seams didn’t show.

Like I said, way out of my league.


Some coincidences could be interesting little curiosities. You go to a bookstore looking for a particular book, but can’t remember the title. You walk down an aisle and a book falls off of the shelf right in your path. It’s the very book you’re looking for—odd, but nothing life-changing. Perplexing though.

But some synchronistic events can be life-savers, like the following two real-life events.


“All 15 members of a church choir in Beatrice, Nebraska, due at practice at 7:20, were late on the evening of March 1, 1950. The minister, his wife and daughter had one reason (his wife was delayed to iron the daughter’s dress), one girl waited to finish a geometry problem, one couldn’t start her car, two lingered to hear the end of an especially exciting radio program, one mother and daughter were late because the mother had to call the daughter twice to wake her from a nap and so on. The reasons seemed rather ordinary. 

“But there were 10 separate and quite unconnected reasons for the lateness of the 15 persons. It was rather fortunate that none of the 15 arrived on time at 7:20, for at 7:25, the church building was destroyed in an explosion.”

– From “Lady Luck: The Theory of Probability,” by Warren Weaver


What does this mean, if anything? What are the odds of something like this happening?
Is there possibly an undiscovered connection between minds that transcends the known laws of the universe? Are our minds connected to a “collective unconscious” as Dr. Jung believed? And, if so…


One of my all-time favorite books, a classic called Man’s Search for Meaning written by Dr. Viktor Frankl, described a synchronistic event that changed his life forever.

Viktor Frankl, österr. Psychologe und Arzt. Photographie. Um 1975

Dr. Frankl had a successful neurology and psychiatry practice in Germany in the late 1930s, but he was Jewish. He knew he had to leave Germany soon or face death. He applied for a visa and after several years, it was approved. But there was a problem.

“I was asked to come to the US consulate to pick up my visa. Then I hesitated: Should I leave my parents behind? I knew what their fate would be: deportation to a concentration camp. Should I say goodbye and leave them to their fate? The visa was exclusively for me.”

 – Viktor Frankl, Search for Meaning


Dr. Frankl remembered thinking then that he’d wished for a “hint from heaven” to help him make the decision. Later that day, he picked up the visa and went to visit his parents to discuss it. When he arrived, he found his father in tears.

“The Nazis have burned down the synagogue.”

Dr. Frankl noticed a piece of marble on the table. He asked his father about it. It was a fragment his father had saved from the synagogue. It had some scorched writing on it.


There was one letter etched into the marble. It was the beginning of one of the Ten Commandments.

כבד את האבא שלך ואמא שלך



Dr. Frankl made his decision. He canceled his visa. It changed his life forever. He was sent to the death camps—yes I said “camps.”

Dr. Frankl survived more than one Nazi death camp, and Man’s Search for Meaning recounts that experience. He wrote the book in nine days. It was published in 1946 and is widely considered to be one of the most influential books of our times.

Viktor Frankl Hint from Heaven


Strange—undeniably strange and true. But nothing like that has ever happened to me. Not even a book falling off a shelf to land at my feet.

But maybe I hadn’t been looking close enough, because while finalizing the research for the story I was working on I happened across an article that I’d written a couple of years ago. Was stumbling upon this story synchronistic? I don’t know … but I hadn’t thought of this story for many years.

It was also about another terminally ill cancer patient—a woman I knew. I was asked to write a fundraising story about her plight. It had been exceptionally hard to write, but it was one of those rare moments when you feel humbled to be asked to do something that might actually make a difference—if only for a short time.


Trying to complete that story was a challenge for me, too. Remarkably, it was similar to the one I was working on about the doctor. The raw emotions involved, the brutal facts, the stark realities and worse, trying to communicate what it’s like to face the everyday issues of living while you’re dying—in plain, simple language—without getting lost in data or minutiae that really doesn’t matter.

Happening upon this previously written story at exactly that time helped me to remove the block and finish the story. It made me ask the question that, as I think about it, still makes my head want to explode.

Was happening upon my previous article purposeful or simply an accident?


Hints from Heaven

I struggle with the thought of it being purposeful. It conflicts with my view of reality. If it wasn’t purposeful, then it was an accident. But if it was an accident, it was a synchronistic event that only I could draw meaning from.

Could these hints from heaven, or synchronistic events, be the greatest words you will never hear?

I haven’t resolved the puzzling paradox yet, but I did run across words from Dr. Richard Feynman that helped me come to terms with it…

“A paradox is not a conflict within reality. It is a conflict between reality and your feeling of what reality should be like.”

– Richard Feynman, American physicist

The Marilu Henner Radio Show

The Marilu Henner Radio Show

What a blast to be a guest of “The Marilu Henner” show this week on the Sun Broadcast Group radio (http://buff.ly/1mVrYoK). Marilu’s nick- name, “Perpetual Motion” should have the adjective Positive” in front of it. Was great fun, and  a great opportunity to talk about the book “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard: True Stories of Triumph.” The topic for the show was”How to Stay Relevant in Business and Life” which is from a chapter in the book.

Marilu, along with starring in over thirty films, six Broadway shows, and two hit classic sitcoms, Taxi and Evening Shade, this five-time Golden Globe Nominee is also a New York Times Best Selling author of nine books on health, parenting, memory, and lifestyle improvement. Marilu has previously hosted and executive produced two talk shows (Marilu and Shape Up Your Life), and has guest-starred on every major talk show, earning her the title “Talk Show Guest of the Year.”As a two-time competitor on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice (Season 7, 2008) and Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars (Season 13, 2013), Marilu, making it to the Final Five, played for her favorite charities, including The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and the Alzheimer’s Association. In fact, at PCRM’s 25th Anniversary Gala, she was awarded their Voice of Compassion Award.

If you want to hear a real pro on the radio … go to the Marilu Henner show.


F.E.A.R. Waldo

F.E.A.R. Waldo

There’s this guy named Rob. Friends call him Waldo. He’s claustrophobic, which is no big deal for most jobs. But, he’s also afraid of heights. Again, not a deal-killer for most jobs, right? Well, yes, but Waldo wanted to do something. Be a pilot. Now, being claustrophobic and afraid of heights could be an issue. A real issue.

But Waldo didn’t want to be just a pilot. He wanted to fly jets. And not just any jet, he wanted to be an F-16 jet fighter pilot. And you know what? He did it, and became a highly decorated combat jet fighter pilot.  Waldo flew over 65 combat missions and 2650 hours over the skies of Iraq and Serbia.

I asked Waldo, “How is that possible? How did you overcome your fears? I’m so claustrophobic I can’t even conquer a closed MRI machine.”

Waldo said, “Steve, it’s all about FEAR. How you approach it. FEAR can stand for;

  • Forget
  • Everything
  • And
  • Run


  • Focus
  • Energy and
  • Accept
  • Responsibility.

I chose to Focus Energy and Accept Responsibility.” Waldo told me this before he was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author for the book Never Fly Solo.

In my book “The Greatest Words Never Heard: True Stories of Triumph,” I thank a lot people that I have met in this bizarre journey named life.  Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman (http://www.yourwingman.com/) is one of them. A true American patriot and friend who is an inspiration to many. Take the time to meet him. Go to his website. You will be inspired. Motivated. Pumped. Or. check out Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman on CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman was also kind enough to endorse “The Greatest Words Never Heard: True Stories of Triumph.”

“A gifted storyteller, Steve Kayser has written a book that will touch your heart and compel you to reflect deeply on your own faith, courage, and most importantly, relationships. I couldn’t put it down.” 

For a writer … can it get any better than that?

I Chose National PR Firm EMSI … Why?

I Chose National PR Firm EMSI … Why?


Actually it came down to only one word. Of course there were these other words that supported that one word. Like…

  • Competence
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Energetic
  • Stick-to-itiveness
  • Courteous
  • Fun

Those words describe the team I’m lucky to be working with for the promotion and publicity of “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard” book, the award-winning national PR firm EMSI. Even though those words are great … it still only boiled down to one word.


Kayser Press Coverage

Steve Kayser Media

In May 2014 alone, EMSI delivered 13 TV interviews, 696 print placements, 163 radio interviews and 7458 new social media connections for their clients.  In 2013 their clients appeared in:

8,018 print outlets

          • Outlets include USA Today, Associated Press, Entrepreneur Magazine, Prevention Magazine, The Huffington Post, FOX Business, Realtor.com, Toronto Star, Good Housekeeping, NJ Star Ledger, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, and more.

1,868 talk radio shows

          • Interviews were heard on WTLW-FM (The #1 station in New York City), America’s Radio News Network, WTOP-FM, Tesh Media Group, It’s Your Health Radio Network, Money Matters Network, Sirius/XM, and more.

225 TV shows

          • Appearances were seen on MSNBC, FOX & Friends, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and more.

How do you achieve results like that?


I met  EMSI CEO Marsha Friedman over 10 years ago when I published and interview called PR VS. Advertising: Three Facts of Life  with legendary marketing strategist and bestselling author Al Ries.


Marsha contacted me about the article — because she’s always eager to learn. She wanted to know how an all foam no beer, non-boolean fuzzy logical (think about that) kilt-wearing country bumpkin like me got an interview with Al Ries. My answer included a detailed explanation of Einstein’s “General” and “Special” Theory of Relativity condensed into two words.

“I asked.”  

We have been fast friends since. She took immediate pity on my low IQ (not really low, just sub 50) and has helped me out on many occasions since. Marsha is the epitome of the hard-charging, brilliant CEO with great people skills and persistently positive results. People just love her when they meet her.  And love her more after her wunderteam delivers their results.


That’s easy. I hosted a radio show on 55KRC.com in Cincinnati for a couple years and was always on the lookout for great guests. Marsha’s team killed it. Always came through, especially in a crunch. In fact, her team delivered over 40% of our total guests. High-quality, knowledgeable, charismatic … brilliant guests. And, because of Marsha, I also had the great pleasure of interviewing;

  • Michael Uslan, who was the executive producer of films such as Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Constantine, The Spirit, Batman Begins, and the second highest grossing film of all time, The Dark Knight. As a producer, he is one of the highest-grossing movie producers of all time, with The Dark Knight alone having already passed the $1.5 billion mark. Michael is simply “The Boy that Saved Batman, (the book is actually titled “The Boy That Loved Batman.”
  • Pen Densham, screenwriter, producer,  and author of ‘Riding the Alligator: Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing … and Not Getting Eaten.” Pen Densham has written, produced, consulted and directed movies and television shows. His eclectic string of projects include Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesBackdraftMoll FlandersRocky IIBlown Away,Footloose as well as the TNT movie Houdini and the successful reboots of the classic TV series The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. He’s worked with and learned from people like Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges, Robin Wright, Bill Murray, Kevin Costner and Jodie Foster. The films and television series Pen Densham and his partner have produced have grossed over $1 billion. His first movie role was for his dad when he was five years old. What was it? To ride an alligator. At 5-years-old. An absolutely fascinating man with a life story that should be made into a movie. But no one would believe it.


I’m thrilled and grateful to be working with the EMSI team. Should you, your business, your book, your friends –  maybe even your enemies – ever need  publicity, marketing, social media help or PR … there is only one place I’d go (and did), EMSI.   Here are the people behind the results — and helping get the word out for “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard.”

Marsha Friedman, CEO

Marsha Friedman launched EMSI in 1990. Her PR company represents corporations and experts in a wide array of fields such as business, health, food, lifestyle, politics, finance, law, sports and entertainment. Some of the more prominent names on her client roster are Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane and the famous Motown Group, The Temptations. As a publicity expert, she has authored the book Celebritize Yourself.

As a radio personality and public speaker, Marsha can be heard weekly on her Blog Talk Radio Show, EMSI’s PR Insider.  On her previous talk radio show, The Family Roundtable, Marsha enjoyed interviewing celebrities such as Tony Curtis, Ed Begley Jr., Augusten Burroughs, Faith Evans, Vicki Lawrence, Denise Jackson, Janine Turner and Rose Rock, to name a few. 

Alex Hinojosa

Alex,  a Texas Tech University graduate in telecommunications and marketing, is Vice President of Media Operations with an extensive background in media, specializing in radio for over 15 years. His experience includes being a national talk-show radio host and executive producer in major markets like Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; Detroit, MI and Tampa, FL.   Alex has also been a media coach and an instructor at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Rachel Friedman

Rachel started with EMSI in the position of Print Campaign Manager, where she revolutionized the execution of their  clients’ print campaigns. After fine-tuning her skills under the wing of EMSI’s CEO, she was able to push the successes of each campaign into a new realm. Aside from this, Rachel has a client-care focus second to none.

Rich Ghazarian

Rich came to EMSI with a strong broadcast media background. For 15 years, he enjoyed much success in radio and television for 15 years as an on-air personality, program director and music director in stations from California to New York City. Ghazarian has led several stations he programmed to #1 ratings. After leaving the broadcast medium, Ghazarian worked for several advertising agencies in New York City, in multiple capacities for clients: account representative, creative director, copywriter and media planning and execution. Ghazarian joined EMSI in 1998 as a Radio Campaign Manager and has been with the company ever since.

Ginny Grimsley

Ginny has been with EMSI for over seven years and has worked with clients in every phase of their publicity campaigns. As EMSI’s Print Campaign Manager, Ginny’s experience of working with print media gives her a vital perspective of knowing what interests them and how best to position our clients, so as to be included in their publications.

Harold Valentine

Harold Valentine joined EMSI with several years of editorial experience, including three years as a general assignment staff writer with The Tampa Tribune and affiliated publications.  He then spent two years at an SEO firm, writing content for web pages, press releases, and articles to generate organic traffic to client websites.



Please contact:

TV: Alex Hinojosa

Radio:  Rich Ghazarian

Print: Ginny Grimsley

TEL: 800. 881.7342






This Isn’t a Book Launch, It’s a Controlled Ooze!


The new book “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard: True Tales of Triumph” is available on Amazon (print) and Kindle in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, Brazil and India starting today. It should be available in Barnes & Noble in 2-3 weeks, on Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd and Oxygen in one week. This isn’t so much a book launch as it is a semi-controlled “ooze.” Some of the new E-distribution channels turned out to be more complex to navigate than the author (which would be me) originally thought. The writing of the book was the easy part.


A portion of the proceeds from each book sale will be donated to the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati (http://www.clcgc.org ) for the hope, heart and love they give to the children that need it most.


The book is about, well … how about we just let some folks that have already read it tell you?


“Eclectic and unique, the stories in The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard by Steven Kayser will engage your heart and inspire your soul.” Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Legendary Service

“True stories of heroism, hope and heart that salute the brave victorious souls that choose to create and live lives of significance and meaning¾even if they die trying. When faced with difficult times and life- defining decisions these stories can offer solace and strength, wisdom and guidance. But more importantly, they will shake your perception of reality and offer a personal challenge that will change your life … but you won’t realize that until the very last page.”   – Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of Gates of Fire, The Lion’s Gate, The Legend of Bagger Vance and the War of Art

“Wow, what a raw, powerful book.  Thank you, Steve, for having the courage to show us that we serve when we dare to share challenging, heart-wrenching experiences.  Anyone going through a dark night of the soul will find this book inspiring.” Ms. Sam Horn, author of POP! and Tongue Fu!

“A gifted storyteller, Steve Kayser has written a book that will touch your heart and compel you to reflect deeply on your own faith, courage, and most importantly, relationships. I couldn’t put it down.”  Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo 

“Steve Kayser has delivered one of the most profoundly motivational books I’ve seen in years! These stories will help you succeed in business, raise your kids, be a better person and friend and leave a legacy. They are playful, painful and gloriously revealing of human nature and our yearning to matter.  The uncovered gems are found in potent stories, profound recognitions and astonishing poetry. They are words that need to be heard!” – Dr. Rick Kirschner, coauthor of the international bestseller, Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst, and How to Click with People: The Secret to Better Relationships 

“This book is a MUST READ! Steve Kayser has written one of the most inspirational and motivational books that I have ever read. Steve uses real-life stories to bring to life the importance of being truly engaged in order to improve the world, no matter what season of life you may be in. It is never too late. The stories in his book will inspire you to live a life of significance and will give you the wisdom to see that your best years are ahead of you, not behind you. This book will also inspire you to be a better husband, father, friend and leader by simply being a better person.  – Mark Whitacre, PH.D., COO and Chief Science Officer of Cypress Systems, Inc., also former whistleblower in the historical ADM price-fixing case (“The Informant”)

 “Steven Kayser has created a timeless book filled with wisdom and the kind of short stories that will stay with you long after you read them. Life is complicated and difficult, and it is comforting to have a book like Kayser’s to provide a roadmap with many nuggets of insight and plain old horse sense. It is the kind of book that should become a valuable addition to any seeker’s library.” –  – Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D., author of, Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla


If you (or any of your friends you might forward this to) buy a copy of the book today through Sunday, send me an email and let me know.  We will send you a bonus – the first 3 chapters of an upcoming new book called “Faith Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Spiritual Dreams” by bestselling author Dr. Joey Faucette – due out in September 2014.


If you buy a new print edition of this book you can buy the Kindle edition for only $2.99 (Save 70%). Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon. (I had to throw the ‘BUT WAIT’ in there because I always wanted to play an announcer on an infomercial.)


And, if you want to help a writer out – spare some time and pen a review on Amazon. It would be greatly appreciated .

More Praise & Endorsements: 

Any questions? Please contact me.

Thanks for your consideration.

Steve Kayser

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