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I Am Sam I Am: Meet the Intrigue Expert, Ms. Sam Horn

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How to Stand Out in Any Crowd by Sam Horn & Steve Kayser
: You, your product, your service, your company, is good … maybe great. It’s different, unique, totally rad, awesomeroo and bloggerific. It even (occasionally) delivers real business value; makes an authentic difference in business or life. But … no one has heard of you. You haven’t even heard of you! Here’s how to get your message out – or not. Featuring an interview with Sam Horn, author of “POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd.”

Hints from Heaven?

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Sometimes the greatest words you’ve never heard might be Hints from Heaven.What are they? Hints, strange events and traces of meta-meaning unspoken; first sensed then connected—like dots. It’s similar to deciphering a code or unveiling a message written in invisible ink. Once the message appears, it’s followed quickly by…

The Marilu Henner Radio Show

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What a blast to be a guest of “The Marilu Henner” show today on Sun Broadcast Group radio( Marilu’s nick- name, “Perpetual Motion” should have the adjective Positive” in front of it. Was great fun, Was a great opportunity to talk about the book “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard.”

Don’t Stop This Press!

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Throughout your life, you run across people that positively change your thoughts, perceptions and ideas about business and life. I’ve been blessed with the great opportunity to interview and collaborate with some of the best writers and business leaders in the world. From each, I’ve absorbed and learned life lessons.

Skip Press is one of those people.