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Left, Right and No-Brainers…The Management vs. Marketing War

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There’s a war going on in American business. It’s a war that causes great ideas and products to vanish. To get lost in the clear fog of logical logic. A devastatingly destructive war that helps bad ideas take root and flourish (albeit briefly) justified by common sense and … logical logic. It’s Left-Brain Management vs. Right-Brain Marketing.

What does that mean? How does it work? What to do about it? Find out in this interview with bestselling authors Al and Laura Ries.

Why Do Some Ideas Stick … and Others Stink?

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Featuring an interview with Dan Heath, Co-Author of the New York Times Bestselling book, “Made to Stick.” —
Why do some ideas spread like wildfire while others sprout and die out? Why do some great ideas, with world-altering potential, die on the vine – never to grace us with their fruit?

The Seven “New Rules” of Business Presentations

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Having seen hundreds of business presentations and given a stinky few myself, there are a few things I wish someone would have taught me in kindergarten. Seven things or “New Rules” of business presentations to be precise. I pass these on to anyone new to the dreaded gauntlet of the business presentation or any grizzled veterans who want to walk on the wild side and shake things up. Avoid lying-flying “Stink-o-potamus” presentation status. Use the principle of “Creative Limitation.”

Doing the PowerPoint Punt

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Can you really give a presentation without PowerPoint slides? Maybe. It depends. The next presentation you give or attend, take note of what occurs after PowerPoint slide number five is swiped/swished onto the screen. Unless you really are “da man,” the Steven Spielberg of the sales presentation, 99 percent of the people in attendance will fall into one of the following descriptive categories:

Why Good Companies Go Bad How Great Leaders Remake Them

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You know the company. It’s yours, or may have been. An industry leader. Once. Competitors emulate it. Analysts preach the company gospel. The CEO’s mug is on every magazine cover. Stock prices soar above the Milky Way. Then


Why? Donald N. Sull, Harvard Business School Press author of “Revival of The Fittest: Why Good Companies Go Bad and How Great Managers Remake Them” answers that question in an easy-to-read “Shoot the Donkey” – style interview format, combining theory, real-life examples and practical advice.

How Fake Are Your Twitter Followers?

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Ever wonder about celebrities, politicians and others who have huge numbers following them on Twitter? How do they amass those big numbers – millions of followers? I used to think about it occasionally. Not that I was jealous. I mean I rocketed up to 10 followers and held steady there for three straight years.

Ten Tips for Being “Good in a Room” in the Complex Sale

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What is the one trait that’s an absolute “must have” to win the complex sale in today’s competitive sales environment? The skill is critical to your success – in business or life. You must be … “Good in a Room.” What does that mean? Stephanie Palmer, author of the book of the same name, “Good in a Room,” puts it in perspective.

The Power of Resistance: Lessons Learned from Bestselling Author Steven Pressfield

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I’ve had the good fortune to interview and work with many great storytellers over the last few years.  J.D. Meier, program manager for Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices team, and author of the “Sources of Insight”blog, asked me what the most important lessons I’d learned from the high-profile “working” writers and storytellers … the ones who actually make a living doing it.

A Blogger is…

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