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How to Royally Screw Up Your Social Sharing Numbers

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It takes a big person to admit making a social media publishing mistake.

However, I will share a way to successfully screw up your social media sharing numbers, if you’re so inclined to learn this skill.


I decided to change my URL title structure to make it shorter and more SEO-effective. It was pretty long and included the domain name/date/category/number/ title.


WordPress offers an easy way to customize the URL in the Settings section under Permalinks.  Below are the the common settings.


I decided to change mine to simply to the domain name and title of the post. Example –


It worked beautifully. Simplied, shortened and made the URL structure more SEO-friendly.


However, I did not take into account the social sharing numbers that had built up and were attached to each post. I use the Really Simple Share plugin app to make sharing as easy as possible. It keeps track of all the shares and displays the numbers. When I made the permalink structure change it reset all the social numbers to zero.


For example, the article “Storytelling Story-Selling Secret Sources,” had over 500 shares. it went to zero. And Open Your World, Walk Towards Wisdom- An Interview with Dr. Ken Blanchard had 231 shares on Twitter. It went to zero.  As did all other articles.

Did that affect me?

Of course not.

I mean it only wiped out a couple years worth of data.

So, if you want to be succcessful at wiping out your social sharing numbers, just change your URL permalionk structure.

Instant success.


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3 Responses to "How to Royally Screw Up Your Social Sharing Numbers"
  1. OyeSoni says:

    By not integrating social login (i.e. login through Facebook, Twitter, Google etc) on your website, that results in less user engagement leading to lower sharing numbers 🙂 By the way, good thing is there are third party services like LoginRadius available to integrate social login and other social tools to increase sharing 🙂

  2. oops… I would have been gutted…

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