I have a new book out (co-author & co-editor) called, “Margins and Mission… Not Moonshots: Pathways to Better U.S. Higher Education.” It was fairly time-consuming to put together as it involved 34 contributors from business and higher education. A lot of smart people freely shared their time, ideas, years of experience and thoughts about how to make an immediate positive impact on colleges and universities around the country. For that, I’m grateful.

What’s the book about?

Simply put… saving the future of the U.S. Higher Education system.


Higher education institutions face unprecedented peril from a perfect storm of economic and demographic challenges. Declining enrollments, drastically reduced state and federal government funding, and excessive growth of support and administration costs have left many universities in a cash-strapped financial conundrum. In addition, student loan debt exceeds the total of all U.S. credit card debt and serious questions are being raised about the cost and worth of a college degree.

To address these critical issues, over 30 diverse and prestigious thought leaders contribute innovative ideas to help re-imagine, re-engineer, and re-invent the business of higher education – with a focus on the pragmatic, the achievable. Some of their suggestions are in the guise of blasphemy; others are cloaked in common sense. All will provoke.

Who contributed?

An eclectic bunch of people to be sure. From international bestselling business authors to University Presidents to the Dean of a Law School and the Head Surgeon of a respected Academic Medical Center.. and on and on. The full list is below.

It was my pleasure to have met and  worked with everyone involved in this project.

Kenneth H. Blanchard, PhD 
Author of  the iconic “One-Minute Manager” and one of the world’s 25 best-selling authors and leadership guru and consultant.
Jane Blumenthal, MSLS 
Past Pres. of the Medical Library Assn., and Assoc. Univ. Librarian & Director, Taubman Lib.
Bernard Bull, EdD
Academic AVP and 2012 awardee of Wagner Distance Education Leadership Award
Susan Coia-Gailey, PhD
Data-based info background, Founder of Institutional Research, Assessment & Report Consulting
Louis Columbus, MBA  
Analyst, author, columnist in Forbes Magazine; teaches graduate courses in international marketing
Shawn DeVeau, JD
Deep consulting experience within university Student Services and Academic Support areas
Michael S. Ewer, MD, JD, MBA, MPH
Medical (MD Anderson) and Law (Univ. Houston) faculty; prolific author on policy and ethics.
Peter Fenner, PhD  
Directed an NSF-supported college commission and has over 50 years in professional consulting
Kate M. Fenner, PhD
Ethicist, healthcare and higher education leader, with national professional & corporate presence
James L. Fisher, PhD
Honored international author and leadership consultant to over 300 colleges & universities
Susan D. Gilster, PhD
Practitioner, researcher and author; in 1987 founded the first U.S. free-standing dementia facility
David E. Henderson 
Emmy awardee & former CBS news correspondent and digital and communications strategist
Michael Horowitz, PhD
Founding President, TCS Education System, a consortium of specialized colleges & universities
Gavin Huntley-Fenner, PhD
Educator, author, cognitive scientist; served on Calif. Autism Education Advisory Committee.
Lloyd A. Jacobs. MD
President Emeritus, University of Toledo; former COO, Univ. Michigan Health System
Steven J. Kayser 
Author, award-winning business writer, radio host, media relations director, founder of Kayser Media
Rita Kirshstein
Manager of AIR’s Delta Cost Project, advising on higher ed cost metrics & project priorities
Ariel Klein, MA 
US Navy Cmdr now at Rand Corp; was Acad. Prog. Advisor at Inter-American Defense College
Edward J. Kormondy, PhD 
Ecologist with successful university presidencies; directed national college biology commission
James L. Mahon, PhD
Vice presidencies in public & private universities and leadership roles in finance and healthcare
James E. Martin, PhD 
Former college president with leadership roles in student and support services university sector
Charles H. Matthews, PhD
Award-winning Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management
Shigeru Miyagawa, PhD 
Award-winning endowed professor & Chair, MIT’s OpenCourseWare Advisory Faculty Comm.
Santa J. Ono, PhD 
University President and scholar noted for his accessibility through social media
Cliff Peale 
For many years lead newspaper journalist covering education and healthcare beats analytically
Joey Reiman
“Father of Ideation Movement;” leader in purpose-inspired leadership & marketing innovation
Al Ries
International bestselling author of “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind,”legendary branding strategist, and originator of “positioning” concept
William D. Romey, PhD
Awardee for international educational work and leadership in science education and teaching
Marc J. Seifer, PhD
Author of “The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius,” with work translated into 7 languages, featured on TV, and visiting university lecturer
Rachel A. Van Cleave, JD, JSM 
Dean  & Professor of Law, Golden Gate University; Fulbright Scholar
Tracie A. Wichman, MPA 
Compass Clinical COO, was Chief of Staff at Safe Horizon and a New York City Assistant Commissioner
Moritz M. Ziegler, MD
Was Chief Surgeon at top university hospitals, & lead author of a standard medical textbook
Tim Barr – Cloud team at iDashboards