Resonance – Holy Grail or Holy Hell?


What if a machine had been invented that cured all disease with no drugs, no pain, no chemo?

It was … 75 years ago.  Then it disappeared.  Lost for all those years deep inside the darkest bowels of  Government.

But now …  terrorists threaten to end all life on earth in 72 hours with a bio-engineered and incurable super-virus unless their ransom demands are met. Because of that, the long-held secret of the miracle machine may have to be revealed.

The terrorist ransom … billions of dollars?


Overthrow of the government?


Something worse – and it’s good.

Sometimes even bad guys do good things.

Only the JU-JU Man – a Black Ops legend – can stop the terrorists. He’s also the only one that can save them. Because what they don’t know is that there’s a reason the miracle machine – a dream for humanity – has never seen the light of day. In the wrong hands it could become a nightmare of biblical proportions.

RESONANCE is a fact-based, psychological thriller of good and evil, myth, magic and mystery. A story of love and betrayal leading to apocalyptic twists and a cataclysmic climax.

RESONANCE – Holy Grail or … Holy Hell?

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