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DaVincian Coded Quote Reveals Secret to 100th Blog Post

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I finally made it.

The 100th blog post.

The Mount Everest of writing achievements for lazy, lackadaisical, languidly lachrymose scribes like me. And, made it in supraluminal time – took me no longer than 5 years.


This momentous achievement could not have been achieved if it wasn’t for a secret I discovered in an ethereal DaVincian quote.


Code it was. Came to me in a dream at work. Right after the usual lunch fare – a peanut butter, jelly, anchovy, mustard, mayonnaise sandwich sprinkled with M & M’s, Sweet Tarts and diet popcorn.

“Having not much to say, he said it often – in a panoplied pastiche of panache-less panache.”

So there.

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