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The Last Post

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A step ahead. A step behind. A blink of the eye at the wrong time. And … it’s over. A memory bouquet to the loved and lost who faced the unfathomable unknowable on the way to their Last Post in 2008.

Animotorized World Movie Premier of The World Wide Rave vs. The World Wide Knave

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You saw it here first. Social Media’s version of Ali vs. Frazier. Jordan vs. Bugs Bunny. Luci vs. Dezi and Curly vs. Moe.

It’s the Thought Leader of the World Wide Rave vs. The Thoughtless Leader – AKA the World Wide Knave.

SPOILER. The Knave Rules!

SHOWTIME: The Animotorized Premiere of the movie trailer for the World Wide Rave vs.. The World Wide Knave.

Eight Ways to Use Animoto Video in Business Presentations

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How to get adventurous when giving business presentations? To help banish the “boring” from presentations? I use Animoto. It’s a web application that allows you to automatically generate professionally produced videos using pictures and music. Think movie trailer. The creative ways to use Animoto are limited only by your mind. Below are eight real-world examples of some different ways you can use Animoto to communicate with your customers, prospects, friends, or anyone else.