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The Seven “New Rules” of Business Presentations

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Having seen hundreds of business presentations and given a stinky few myself, there are a few things I wish someone would have taught me in kindergarten. Seven things or “New Rules” of business presentations to be precise. I pass these on to anyone new to the dreaded gauntlet of the business presentation or any grizzled veterans who want to walk on the wild side and shake things up. Avoid lying-flying “Stink-o-potamus” presentation status. Use the principle of “Creative Limitation.”

Ten Tips for Being “Good in a Room” in the Complex Sale

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What is the one trait that’s an absolute “must have” to win the complex sale in today’s competitive sales environment? The skill is critical to your success – in business or life. You must be … “Good in a Room.” What does that mean? Stephanie Palmer, author of the book of the same name, “Good in a Room,” puts it in perspective.

Sales 2.Oh-No Presentations – A State of the Business Presentation Cartoon-torial

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There aren’t many things I rather do than sit through a business presentation. Except for maybe being boiled in oil. Or, being buried alive. Or straddling and sliding down a 200-ft razor blade into a pool of rubbing alcohol. Here’s an Animotorized Cartoon-torial of the State of the Standard Corporate Business Presentation (AKA a Gluteus-Maximus Sales 2.-Oh-No Vomitus Eruptus).

Animotorized World Movie Premier of The World Wide Rave vs. The World Wide Knave

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You saw it here first. Social Media’s version of Ali vs. Frazier. Jordan vs. Bugs Bunny. Luci vs. Dezi and Curly vs. Moe.

It’s the Thought Leader of the World Wide Rave vs. The Thoughtless Leader – AKA the World Wide Knave.

SPOILER. The Knave Rules!

SHOWTIME: The Animotorized Premiere of the movie trailer for the World Wide Rave vs.. The World Wide Knave.

Eight Ways to Use Animoto Video in Business Presentations

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How to get adventurous when giving business presentations? To help banish the “boring” from presentations? I use Animoto. It’s a web application that allows you to automatically generate professionally produced videos using pictures and music. Think movie trailer. The creative ways to use Animoto are limited only by your mind. Below are eight real-world examples of some different ways you can use Animoto to communicate with your customers, prospects, friends, or anyone else.

The Power of STORY in the Complex Sale

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Robert McKee, the best-selling author of “STORY” and legendary guru of Hollywood storytelling, explains in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand interview, how STORY principles can be used in business presentations. Learn from the man that wrote the book on story (literally) – how to stun, dazzle and leave your audience craving for more.

But what does “Love” have to do with it?