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Hints from Heaven?

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Sometimes the greatest words you’ve never heard might be Hints from Heaven.What are they? Hints, strange events and traces of meta-meaning unspoken; first sensed then connected—like dots. It’s similar to deciphering a code or unveiling a message written in invisible ink. Once the message appears, it’s followed quickly by…

Steve Kayser

Case Study: Lessons and Blessings – Overcoming Adversity

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To win at business or life, adversity has to be encountered, faced, fought and defeated. There is no other way. No options. You either beat it, or it beats you. Win, or you lose. Simple. Right? No. Never. It’s never black and white. Never win or lose. Something always bleeds over. Always. Sometimes good – sometimes bad. Sometimes funny – sometimes sad. Most times a little of both.

This is one such story.

Non Vi Sed Arte – Not by Strength, by Guile

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Is it possible to be a person of the highest character, chivalrous and honorable, retaining your humanity while fighting for the very survival of your civilization? To be a person that has the guts to stand up to a “Stand and Die” order? And if so, can people like this exist (succeed) today? Can people with all too human flaws – however borne up on the wings of honor, duty, compassion, justice and noble vision – even make it today?