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An Inconvenient Genius

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How often has one person affected humanity to such a degree that were the fruits of his labor withdrawn immediately from our day-to-day existence, the world as we know it … would essentially stop?

The Seven “New Rules” of Business Presentations

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Having seen hundreds of business presentations and given a stinky few myself, there are a few things I wish someone would have taught me in kindergarten. Seven things or “New Rules” of business presentations to be precise. I pass these on to anyone new to the dreaded gauntlet of the business presentation or any grizzled veterans who want to walk on the wild side and shake things up. Avoid lying-flying “Stink-o-potamus” presentation status. Use the principle of “Creative Limitation.”

Like a Hero Going Home

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“He is one of those uncommon geniuses which spring up occasionally to produce revolutions, and overturn the established order of things. If it were not for the vicinity of the United States, he would, perhaps, be the founder of an empire that would rival in glory Mexico or Peru.”
William Henry Harrison – 1811

Who Were These Americans?

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Fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, cousins, nephews, nieces, all.


They passed on not by accident, not by bodily deterioration brought on by the mean ravages of time, but because they had a special job.

The Big Presentation

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A “Big Presentation” always has to address the two elephants in the room. Change and commitment. All the bold, creative thinking in the world won’t get you to a successful future without the courage to change—and commit to that change.

Featured Interview: Titanic, Forrest Gump, Roger Rabbit, Twister, Now …

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Who is this guy? He worked on framing “Roger Rabbit,” helped sink the “Titanic,” summoned the tornadoes in “Twister” and … put the visual chill in “Polar Express.” Also, along the way he’s worked on some of the highest revenue-producing movies in history, including; “Deep Impact,” “Back to the Future parts II and III,” “The Mummy,” “K-19: The Widowmaker.” and “Forest Gump, ” among many others.

How to Create a World Wide Rave … or NOT

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How do you get your ideas, stories, products or services to spread like wildfire over the web by millions of people? Are the huge success stories you hear about the viral power of the web just flukes – or can anyone do it? Read on to learn the six rules of a “WORLD WIDE RAVE,” the newest book by David Meerman Scott, number-one bestselling author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” The first 50 people to correctly answer the simple, yet existential question at the end of this article will win a copy of the WORLD WIDE RAVE.

A REAL Business REALITY CHECK with Bestselling Author Guy Kawasaki

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What do a billionaire shoeshiner, Bo Diddley, bad PowerPoint, worse e-mail, sabertooth tigers, the Dalia Lama, Starbucks, Donkey O’Tee, a miraculous feline resurrection, bloggers with nothing to say, why Twitter is wrong, and the only real-world reference guide to entrepreneurship and business you’ll ever need have in common? Read on to find out. The first 25 people to respond to me by e-mail with the super-secret codeword (hidden and embedded in the story) will EARN (win) a copy of “REALITY CHECK” by Guy Kawasaki.