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Left, Right and No-Brainers…The Management vs. Marketing War

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There’s a war going on in American business. It’s a war that causes great ideas and products to vanish. To get lost in the clear fog of logical logic. A devastatingly destructive war that helps bad ideas take root and flourish (albeit briefly) justified by common sense and … logical logic. It’s Left-Brain Management vs. Right-Brain Marketing.

What does that mean? How does it work? What to do about it? Find out in this interview with bestselling authors Al and Laura Ries.

Non Vi Sed Arte – Not by Strength, by Guile

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Is it possible to be a person of the highest character, chivalrous and honorable, retaining your humanity while fighting for the very survival of your civilization? To be a person that has the guts to stand up to a “Stand and Die” order? And if so, can people like this exist (succeed) today? Can people with all too human flaws – however borne up on the wings of honor, duty, compassion, justice and noble vision – even make it today?

The Last Post

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A step ahead. A step behind. A blink of the eye at the wrong time. And … it’s over. A memory bouquet to the loved and lost who faced the unfathomable unknowable on the way to their Last Post in 2008.